Initial Post

April 14, 2023 by Stefan Salewski 1 minute

We recently asked GPT-4 to provide information about the Nim programming language. The initial idea was to promote and advertise our book, but GPT-4 generated something akin to a general Nim information page. Initially, we asked GPT to create a complete two-column website, with information in the left column and code snippets with syntax highlighting on the right. Surprisingly, this resulted in a functional page. However, we later decided to use a well-established Hugo theme (Doks v0.5) and simply let GPT-4 fill in the text. The generated text isn’t bad, but it contains some significant errors. For example, the FAQ section incorrectly relates the Carbon language to Ethereum. Additionally, it’s disappointing that GPT still doesn’t recognize our book.

It’s worth noting that 90% of the page content is currently generated by GPT-4, and we haven’t checked it for accuracy yet. Perhaps we should. Alternatively, we could ask GPT to proofread and correct the content itself – maybe that will be possible soon.